Phone Specifications

Xiaomi recently released the test version of MIUI 12 to users. The first version released was not released with all MIUI 12 features. The innovations planned for MIUI 12 are presented to users with daily updates published. When the features considered for MIUI 12 stabilize, they will be released for all users with the Stable version. Xiaomi updates its test versions daily and new features are added in every update. The new feature added in the 20.5.25 Alpha version of MIUI 12 allows you to take a partical screenshot.

On Xiaomi phones, you can take a screenshot when you slide 3 fingers down. To use this feature, you need to hold 3 fingers on the screen. Of course, Xiaomi offers you other ways to use this feature with other ways. You can save the partial screenshot in square, round and free shapes.




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