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Yesterday, a new category was added in the Miui China forum: MIUI 12. Clicking on this category, it says “Registration will start after 11 days, stay tuned”. We do not know if the test version of MIUI 12 will be released on April 27. They can only introduce MIUI 12 and will explain all the details. If the test version of MIUI 12 is released, it may not be released for all devices. Xiaomi is releasing new version updates for new devices first.

There is no official statement yet, but the date will be finalized in the coming days. However, if we take into account that Xiaomi is doing such events on Wednesday, we can further confirm the accuracy of this date.

Possible Features of MIUI 12

  • New navigation and smooth gestures.
  • Dark mode for all apps.
  • System-level changes.
  • Better battery performance.
  • Refreshed UI.
  • Smooth Animations in everywhere.
  • Style Options for Recent Applications.
  • Lite Mode
  • New Camera UI



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