Phone Specifications

Tomorrow is the big day for Xiaomi users. With revolutionary features and a new interface, MIUI 12 will be introduced tomorrow. Leaks made by an unknown user in Weibo today confirm the new interface. We can say that the photos that match the other leaks we made are real. I can say that MIUI 12, which is a mixture of Android and iOS, is the best version of MIUI.

Completely new interface and animations

As if MIUI 12 has been completely rebuilt. The new interface and new animations are really impressive. There is a huge difference between MIUI 11 and MIUI 12. Although we haven’t seen all the applications yet, we can feel that there is a big change.


We have 2 great posters. One gives clues about the entire interface of the system. The renewed settings have a very clean and colorful appearance. The other poster shows the renewed notification window. It is hard to predict where the notifications will be in the new panel, which has a mix style of MIUI 11 and iOS.

New Notification Function

New notification feature had leaked before. We did not share it because we do not have any evidence. The poster published today confirmed this function. When you pull down the notification, the application opens with a small window. In this way, you can make the messaging function more useful. In fact, this feature seems to be made for the MIUI China version.

First Batch Devices

The most curious question was answered today. A recent leak explains first wave devices. You can find the code name of your device in the photo below. If your code name is present in the photo, you can test the early version of MIUI 12.

Other Posters

There are a few more posters here. We did not write about them because they do not contain very important details. I add it for the curious people, you can translate it if you want.

Note: These posters have not been confirmed yet.




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