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MIUI 13 First Look

MIUI 13 First Look through the leaked videos which surfaced online. The new features appear daily. As the release date gets closer we are seeing more and more features online. It seems like Xiaomi 12 and MIUI 13 will be released on December 28.

MIUI 13 stable version will come with the Xiaomi 12 Series. Xiaomi previously did test MIUI 13 stable build on some of its smartphones. The skin has attracted the main attention for its complexity, originality and flexibility.

MIUI 13 First Look

MIUI 13 First Look – Infinity Scroll

MIUI 13 First Look – Sidebar

MIUI 13 First Look – Small Widgets

MIUI 13 Update, Features: MIUI 13 Features, Upgrades

A bunch of interesting features are expected with the upcoming MIUI 13.

  • Improved animations with touch sensitivity
  • A new way to play in small window mode
  • Improved desktop icon
  • Memory fusion technology: Additional Virtual RAM
  • Layered rendering system animation
  • New fonts
  • New sound effects
  • New touch experience
  • Support for native screen recording
  • Memory expansion and extension (RAM Flexibility)

You can already try some of the MIUI 13 features with the MIUI 12.5 Beta version. There is a lot of buzz about the new OS Xiaomi will release soon. MIUI 13 will bring changes to SOT, Super Wallpaper, Document Scanning and much more.




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