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The countdown has begun for the new version of MIUI, one of the most popular systems in the mobile device ecosystem. Focusing on visuality and optimization with MIUI 12, Xiaomi aims to get one step closer to iOS stability with MIUI 13. Xiaomi, which has a very large engineer base, is able to work for MIUI 13 while developing MIUI 12. While some model owners have not been able to get the MIUI 12 update, some model owners have already started to wait for MIUI 13. A moderator in the Xiaomi community announced the release/launch date of MIUI 13. As this is an estimated date, it may be published earlier or later.

Even though MIUI 13 was released on the rumored date, its features have already begun to be tested much earlier. 2 new features coming with MIUI 13 are available in MIUI 12 Beta version. New power menu and new sound menu released in Weekly Chinese Beta. Let me tell you that these new features are expected to be released as 12.X for flagships. All other devices will get these new features with MIUI 13. We think this policy is being watched because there are too many devices. Xiaomi does not have an official statement about MIUI 13.





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