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The new EMUI update for Huawei P30 Pro brings a number of improvements and bug fixes.

The US embargo worries Huawei owners, but Huawei continues to work and support their devices. Let’s look at the changes in the new update for the new flagship. The EMUI 9.1-based update introduces a new ultra-low latency Bluetooth mode and DC Dimming, while providing optimizations for the display, fingerprint scanner and general system.

The new ultra-low-latency Bluetooth technology reduces the delay in audio transmission for a better video / audio experience.

Full list of innovations that come with the update:

  • This update adds the DC dimming mode, preventing screen flickering.
    • Adds the DC dimming mode, preventing screen flickering. Go to Settings > Display > Eye comfort to enable Flicker reduction.
  • Adds Huawei’s ultra-low latency Bluetooth technology, allowing for high-quality sound and no-lag audio and video syncing, providing a thrilling listening and viewing experience.
  • Improves photo quality, making colors appear more natural and authentic.
  • Fixes the abnormal display of videos recorded by the front camera.
  • Adds the option to enroll a second face.
  • Optimizes fingerprint authentication. Re-enroll your fingerprints for an improved user experience
  • Fixes the issue where the display colors are abnormal in certain scenarios.
  • Allows for messages and notifications to display on a locked screen with live wallpaper.
  • Fixes the issue where the screen does not turn off automatically in certain scenarios. Optimizes system stability, for smoother overall performance.


If you don’t know what DC Dimming is, you can check out Xiaomi’s tutorial.




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