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Xiaomi recently announced that it has stopped developing MIUI 11 with a statement it made recently. This statement can be considered as a sign that MIUI 12 will be released soon. Xiaomi users love MIUI, a customized Android interface with a structure similar to iOS. The new big update will delight Xiaomi users. Xiaomi launched the MIUI 11 on September 24, 2019. You may think it’s too early for MIUI 12. However, it was officially said that MIUI 12 will be the MIUI version that will be released most quickly. Let’s take a look at the new MIUI 12 gallery features.


Although the interface of the Gallery application has not changed completely, many innovations and optimizations have been made in the interface. The interface of the albums now has a bubble style instead of a list. You can change the location of these bubbles by dragging them.

There are also 4 extra shortcuts available to sort albums. From A to Z, Z to A, new to old and old to new.

Video Editor

With MIUI 12, an advanced video editor is added to all phones. Although it does not have extensive features, its general features will make you happy. You can quickly convert any video to Vlog style. You can also crop the video, set filters, add input/output intros, and audio and text.

In addition, there is a quick menu where you can change the aspect ratio of any video. Outside the editor, you have the option to reduce the quality of the video.

Trash Bin

Sometimes we can delete a photo by mistake or regret that we deleted a photo. Xiaomi users have long wanted the trash feature found in most gallery apps. The trash bin added to the gallery application with MIUI 12 keeps the photos for 30 days. If you want, you can have a longer Cloud based trash by paying.

Sky Filters

The filters that you can change the sky published with MIUI 11 are highly appreciated by the users. Xiaomi has cared about these feedbacks and added about 5 new filters. In addition, rain and snowfall can be recorded as a video.




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