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Phone Specifications

Chinese smartphone maker Nubia is preparing to introduce its new flagship device, the Nubia Z20, on August 8th. According to a new statement from Nubia, the device comes with an ambitious feature that we see in very few smartphone models.

The Nubia Z20 will support 8K resolution video recording. We also saw this feature in Nubia Red Magic 3, the gamer phone that Nubia had introduced last May. However, 15FPS recording support is not user-friendly at all. However, at the Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC), Nubia’s President Ni Fei announced that the Nubia Z20 could record at a higher frame rate than Red Magic 3, which can record 15 FPS.

In addition to recording at higher resolution, Ni Fei announced that the Nubia Z20 will have a special display technology and design that will take advantage of the camera’s advanced camera features. We have no idea what the special display technology and design is and what it looks like.

We estimate that the Nubia Z20 will use the Snapdragon 855+ chipset.




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