Phone Specifications

One person who said that he tested the OnePlus 7T Pro today shared these photos from Weibo, the Chinese social media. In fact, there are those who call these photos the OnePlus 7 Pro prototype, but there is two evidence.

The test software uses the new Android Q. This means that the device will be introduced in September or October. On the main screen, the date shows July 31, so the photo is new. Also OnePlus 7 Pro prototype also had a black handset. This prototype has a white handset.

As we understand from the prototype device, there is no major design change. It is already difficult to make big changes on the front of the devices. The back side doesn’t have a picture, but if OnePlus keeps up with the fashion, it will probably have a 64MP rear camera. It will probably be powered by the Snapdragon 855+ processor.




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