Phone Specifications

Oppo’s Executive Vice President, Brian Shen, shared photos of an Oppo device, whose name is unknown, today. The phone, which is curvy on both sides of its screen, promises a fully frameless image to its users. It seems at first glance that it has a very high screen/body ratio.

The curves on the left and right of the phone go up to 88 degrees. The new screen design is called ‘Waterfall Screen’. As can be seen from the images, the curved screens extend up to the back panel of the phone and increase the screen / body ratio.

The new Oppo phone with a waterfall display, which has not been named, is thought to come with an aspect ratio of 21:9, as in the Sony Xperia 1, from the pictures taken next to the Find X flagship. Looking at the video of the device, it turns out that the phone has an extremely thin structure.

The mysterious phone dont have any leak any hardware information. It is possible to use the Snapdragon 855+ or 865 processor. There is no information on the date of the promotion.




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