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Pocophone, a brand independent from Xiaomi, was founded to offer the best performance at the cheapest price. Poco F1, the first model of Pocophone company, has started to receive the Android 10 update today. The update, which was highly anticipated by the users, was released gradually today. Android 10 update, which has a size of 1.87GB, has the model number V11.0.4.0. It is not known what innovations are currently on battery and performance, but users who make the update can comment below this news. The Android 10 version was the last Android upgrade for Pocophone F1. Unfortunately, this model will not receive the Android 11 update.


As this update is still in Beta, it is normal that you have not received the update yet. If you install the update, you are likely to encounter some errors in daily use. Therefore, we recommend that you wait for the update to become Stable.

Download Pocophone F1 Android 10 Update

  • Device: Poco F1
  • Codename: Beryllium/POCOF1
  • Channel: Global Stable
  • Version:
  • Android: 10.0
  • Status: Beta
  • Specs and Comments
  • Type: Recovery



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