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Redmi recently had a device launch in China a couple of days ago, which saw the unveiling of the new Redmi Note 9 series phones. Out of three phones, it’s only the Note 9 4G that sports a new design. The Note 9 Pro 5G and Note 9 5G are both reworked Mi 10T Lite, and it looks like the 4G version is about debut globally. Before the launch, there’s been a rumor that the phone will be coming to the global market. The current information has now confirmed the rumor while hinting at an imminent launch.

Redmi 9T

Xiaomi just released an update for a device they’re yet to announce. According to the version number, “MIUI QJQINXM,” it shows that the supposed Redmi 9 Power is the same device as the Redmi Note 9 4G, which received its first MIUI QJQCNXM not long ago. Both updates are for the same phone but for different regions, where “IN” in the former means Indian while “CN” in the latter represents Chinese.

Before now, the device already obtained FEC certification, where it appeared with a model number, M2010J1SG. According to the listing, the device will have an additional 2MP Macro sensor and will answer Redmi 9T. It means the global variant will probably have a different camera arrangement, but aside from that, other features of the phone are expected to remain unchanged.

Redmi 9 power

Meanwhile, according to a new line of code, the device might arrive in India as Redmi 9 Power. The information is from the released Xiaomi stock ROM for the Chinese version of the phone. The supposed Redmi 9 power has a model number, M2010J1SI, and will debut with an additional hi259 2MP Macro sensor.

Unfortunately, there’s currently no news as to when these phones – Redmi 9T and Redmi 9 Power – will be making their debut. However, since the company has already released an update for the phones, it means the launch is imminent.





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