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Benchmarking results of the yet-to-be-announced Exynos chip, developed by Samsung in collaboration with AMD Radeon, were leaked online. Using an RDNA-based GPU, the chip managed to outperform the Apple A14 in GPU benchmarks.

One of Samsung’s biggest rivals in the smartphone market is Apple and Bionic processors. In previous reports, we learned that the South Korean company is cooperating with AMD and will use RDNA-based GPUs on Exynos chips. Now the benchmarking results of an Exynos chip equipped with an RDNA-based GPU have emerged.

Samsung’s RDNA-based GPUs may be the best

Tests performed only in the GPU area look quite impressive. At this point, Samsung’s chip that uses RDNA-based GPU and has not yet been announced; Apple managed to beat the A14 Bionic in tests like Manhattan 3.1, Aztec Normal, and Aztec High School. The results for both chips are as follows:

Apple A14 Bionic

  • Manhattan 3.1: 146,4 FPS
  • Aztek Normal: 79,8 FPS
  • Aztek High School: 30,5 FPS

Leaked Radeon Exynos Chip

  • Manhattan 3.1: 181,8 FPS
  • Aztek Normal: 138,25 FPS
  • Aztek High School: 58 FPS

Samsung is expected to announce a new Exynos chip equipped with an RDNA-based GPU by the end of this year. We’ll all see if this mysterious chip will be as powerful as expected.




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