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According to published user complaints, some Samsung Galaxy S21 models do not receive software updates. Initial estimates are that the devices have the wrong CSC tags.

According to user complaints filed in the UK and Italy, some Galaxy S21 users cannot use the Samsung Pay service and cannot receive updates that Samsung has released. Samsung has not yet shared an official statement on the issue, but it is estimated that the problem is caused by the devices being tagged with the wrong software region. It is stated that the CSC tags of Galaxy S21 users in the UK are set to EUX, which applies to the European Union, instead of BTU. Therefore, they cannot receive software updates and cannot use Samsung Pay.

Currently, there is no exact information about why these devices have the wrong CSC tag, but the best guess is that users with the problem set up their devices without inserting their SIM cards. Also some users in Italy are complaining about the same problem.

According to the transferred information, the operator updates released for the Galaxy S21s update the devices correctly, and after this update, both Samsung Pay can be used and software updates can be downloaded. This, in turn, shows that Samsung is aware of the problem and is working to fix it.





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