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So, here we go, again another comparison between WhatsApp & Telegram. We will take a look at almost every factor we can, to understand the difference between the two. I will not be telling you which platform is better, because you are intelligent enough to find that out which suits you.

So, lets get started, shall we?

Read some history here, if you would like to: WhatsApp & Telegram

Lets talk first about the interface, because that is the first thing users will see, before even using the application.

Both of the application are nice at this stage, BUT we are doing a comparison so, WhatsApp is having a simple UI since a long time, there has been almost no big changes when it comes to UI of WhatsApp. But it is fairly simple to use, the new users never get confused that what will do what which is a plus factor for the app.

You can look at the interface of WhatsApp here on iOS & on Android

Coming to the blue messenger, a new user always gets a little confused when coming to telegram for the first time, because of the LOTS of features available on the app. Yes, there are plenty of features on Telegram which yoou will not find on any other platform, basically most of which are only because of the platform being completely cloud dependent, it is a plus point as well as a minus, sometimes.

You can look at the interface of Telegram here on iOS& on Android

So, concluding this point, what matters after all is not how many features you have, but how do you present them in front of the users, your features will count zero, if the user cannot understand how to use them, they are useless then. Telegram always adds new features more than simplifying what exists at the moment. Maybe their focus is more on the features. Even though Telegram has a FAQ right into their app, but most people do not even make an effort to click on it, what to say about reading it.

It won’t take us that long to compare other things, like the first point.

File Sharing :-

  • Telegram – 1.5 Gigabytes
  • WhatsApp – 16 Megabytes

Groups :-

  • Telegram – 2,00,000 members, member permissions, custom admin titles & custom admin & member permissions, bots for group management. Public & Private groups with custom group links, one tap group deletion.
  • WhatsApp – 257 members, no one tap deletion that means you cannot delete your group, you can only left and if you are an admin then the next person WhatsApp will choose to make an admin.
(I am not mentioning that one service has this, one does not, because it is pretty clear that if I am not mentioning some feature then it is just not available on that service right now.)

Channels :-

  • Telegram – You can create channels to spread your content to an unlimited number of subscribers/members. You can preview any channel with this link…{channelusername}.
  • WhatsApp – You cannot make any channels, but you can make a group with 257 members limit and you can choose to turn of messages from members, which allows only admins to send any message in the group, which is very unlikely when compared to channels.

Making an account & using it :-

  • Telegram – You can create an account with your number but you do not need to share your number to start chatting, you can either use your number to chat or you can set a unique username for yourself to let others find you by just that username and this saves you from spreading your number to everyone.
  • WhatsApp – You can just use your number to chat, no other way.

Privacy 🙂

Here we go, the most concerning point.

Telegram on one hand is simply the most secure and safe messenger out there, because they have secret chats about which you can read more in the bottom of this page. On the other hand, to save your time and my typing, WhatsApp is owned by Facebook so forget about privacy. The developer of Telegram got some issues with their own country, regarding privacy, as they requested to view user details and more, the developers refused to compromise with the privacy which explains how strict they are on user privacy. Atleast that is what is the case till date, 🙂

Read more about WhatsApp privacy in our article here…

Support :-

Let us be clear, TELEGRAM SUCKS AT CUSTOMER SUPPORT, where as Facebook (WhatsApp) is ahead in this case, from my personal as well as from lots of other user experiences, Telegram has the most ignoring customer support, and most of the people you will find here are just annoying, you will be spammed so badly once you get in the chain, even Telegram cannot handle it, because there are so many userbots, not the fault of Telegram, but if you want some help from Telegram, then ALL THE VERY BEST 🙂 Maybe you will get a reply “Sorry, we cannot help you” in 3000 years. You also need to follow Telegram’s Terms of Use, to not get your account banned or deleted from their service, which is mainly because of their privacy concern.

Data used per message :-

Let us conclude…

What as a user we want in a messaging app, considering all of the points, Telegram gas bots, privacy, features,it is even OPEN SOURCE that means you can build your own Telegram using the main, but the process is mind boggling and nobody will help you building one. WhatsApp has simple non – confusing UI, less features, zero privacy.

As I said earlier, no one app can win over the other, both have plus points as well as lots of negative ones too. It is now upto you, go and use both of them. They, WhatsApp & Telegram, none is the best or the worst. It is just about the user now. Also, Telegram has its own tiny but very useful blogging platform, read about here…

Please go ahead and read the below two articles to learn more about the top messengers of today, it will worth it, maybe you will realise about some things you did not know before…

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Let us know in the comments, your views.




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