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Last year, Vivo launched Vivo X30 series which was Vivo’s first device with a periscope lens and was the first device in the world to support 60X digital zoom. In March this year, Vivo also launched the Vivo X30 Alexander Wang Edition and had a rear panel similar to a mirror. The Vivo X30 Pro was the first device in the world to feature Exynos 980 SoC. But the most sad thing is that Vivo has limited the Vivo X30 series to China, Vivo did not launch Vivo X30 series globally. Now, Vivo is about to launch Vivo X50 series with some interesting features and probably the best video camera.
Vivo X50
Two days ago, Vivo X50 banner was spotted at an event organized by Vivo, which shows the design of Vivo X50. Perhaps this time Vivo will be launching the Vivo X50 series globally. But the Vivo X50 series may be different for China and globally. Before we talk about China and globally launching, let’s talk about Vivo X50 series. This time Vivo may introduce a new variant that can become the top end variant and its name may be “Pro Plus” like Huawei. This time, three devices can be launched under Vivo X50 series, which will be Vivo X50, Vivo X50 Pro and Vivo X50 Pro Plus.
Vivo X50

Now come how the Vivo X50 series will differ from China launch globally. Vivo will probably launch three devices in China, which I mentioned earlier. But globally, it will launch with one more device. Globally, it will launch the Vivo X50, Vivo X50 Pro and Vivo X50 Pro Plus and also lunch the Vivo X50 Lite, like Huawei P40 series. Huawei also launched Huawei P40 series globally and in China but Huawei launched Huawei P40 Lite 5G globally, did not have lunch in China because Huawei P40 Lite 5G is a rebrand of Huawei Nova 7 SE and Vivo has also adopted the same plan now.
Some days ago in Australian market, the Vivo X50 Lite will be rebranded by the Vivo S1 Pro, spotted on online shopping website.
Vivo X50 Lite
What do we know about Vivo X50 so far?
We don’t have any more specifications yet, but we know some specifications. Vivo held an event where the Vivo X50 banner is spot on. The front look of Vivo X50 has a curved display and single punch hole like #OppoFindX2Pro and looks like a quad camera setup in the back. The Vivo X50 will be the first phone to have a gimbal camera setup, which will give the best stabilization while recording any video and capturing the image compared to any mobile phone. We therefore called the Vivo X50 the first phone to use the eye as a gimbal camera because this phone is available for sale, but Vivo Apex 2020 was the first phone to have gimbal camera. Vivo X50 is 5G phone but still unknown which company processor it’ll use. This morning, the Vivo China official confirmed that they will launch the Vivo X50 in China on 1 June.




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