Phone Specifications

Screen Time is a very useful tool for users who want to reduce phone use and parents who want to control their children. Apple introduced the new features coming to Screen Time at WWDC. Let’s examine Screen Time with new features. The new features of Screen Time will be accessible to users with iOS 13. Here are the features to be added to Screen Time with iOS 13:

1 – Setting limits

You will not be able to access an application if you exceed the limit by placing a usage limit on the desired application. Users can also limit access to the application category as well as applications.

2- Parents can check their child’s contact list and set limit:

Nowadays it is very difficult to keep children away from foreign people on the Internet. With Screen Time in iOS 13, parents will be able to triage the contacts list on their child’s device, selecting which names/numbers appear in the contacts list. This feature will restrict whom your son or daughter can send messages to and who can call with FaceTime or AirDrop.

3 – Usage data Limit exceeded warning & one more minute:

Apple expanded its usage data on Screen Time with iOS 13 to 30 days. If you’re still using this app or game when the app you’re using is 1 minute away from filling the set limit, a window will appear that says ‘one more minute’. Selecting this option allows the user to continue using the application or game for another 60 seconds, or to exit the application before the limit is reached.




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