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Color Pop is a filter that allows you to make the background colors of a foreground object black and white in the photo you are taking. In fact, this feature is not new in the Android world. Huawei and Google have long made this feature available to users. Xiaomi announced that it will make this feature available to users, including videos. The new feature, announced via Weibo, can be used in real time while shooting videos. Real-time usage is currently available in the Mi 10 series. There is no clear information on which phones will be available later.

Real time color pop video sample

When you turn on “Portrait Retention” mode, the AI algorithm will automatically identify the people in the picture, automatically cut out the portrait in real time to retain the original colors, and the rest of the background will become black and white. This effect makes the character the focus of the entire picture.

This feature is available for photos in MIUI 11 Beta. If you are using the Beta version, you can try Filters> Portrait> Color Pop filter. Unfortunately, this filter only works on humans.




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