Phone Specifications

Xiaomi introduced a highly innovative smartphone news concept with a video it published today. The concept shows a smartphone with a waterfall curvature on all four sides, with no physical keys or ports on it.

The concept has two important design details. The first is that the device has a curved screen with 88-degree curves around it. The second is that the device does not have any physical keys or ports on it. Therefore, we can say that Xiaomi’s new concept is not like any existing smartphone.

Xiaomi promises to offer users a new generation “frameless screen” experience with its four-sided waterfall curved screen design. Although the design is really visually interesting, it is difficult to predict how resistant the device will be against scratches and bumps, which will have such a “delicate” design.

However, although Xiaomi has eliminated the frames on the sides, top and bottom of the screen, resulting in a four-side curved screen, the corners of the device have fairly thick frames that appear to sit in the middle of the screen table. These thick frames can be considered one of the biggest obstacles to the concept, which has an innovative design, being able to offer excellent visuals.

Xiaomi states that it has 46 different patents regarding the concept smartphone. So it may not come as a surprise that Xiaomi has recently introduced such a design as a commercial product or a concept. However, predictions are that the concept will consist of drafts, at least for now.




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