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After July 5, Xiaomi announced that it would limit MIUI Beta to devices older than 1 year. Devices older than one year will now receive updates only in the stable version of MIUI. With this policy of Xiaomi, the development of new devices will accelerate. It is stated that the company made this policy within budget protection. In addition to devices older than 1 year, entry-level Redmi devices will not receive MIUI Beta updates.

It is not known exactly which devices will be affected by this decision. Xiaomi lovers will be upset if the new policy influences models such as the Mi 8 and Mi Mix 2S, which are not considered old. Did Xiaomi’s policy affect your device?

Xiaomi MIUI team description:

“Since July 5, 2019, the open beta beta time of the MIUI development version has been adjusted to one year, and products released for more than one year will gradually regain authority. For models that are compatible with the latest version of Android, we will recruit rice flour that is brave enough to be used in the development version. In addition, the entry-level Redmi new machine no longer provides the MIUI development version of the Brush Pack. The MIUI stable version is not affected by this policy adjustment.”




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