Phone Specifications

The recent release of the Android 10 for MIUI 11 for Xiaomi phones did not offer extra features. But Android 10 comes with a lot of innovations in itself. For example, new application opening/closing animation, full screen usage optimization and new navbar. Xiaomi is adding new animations and enhancements to Android 10-based MIUI 11 with the new update. This update makes MIUI 11’s application opening and closing animation much better. The new animations have been interpreted by the users as to make MIUI 11 a streamlined interface like iOS. In addition, the animation for opening the latest applications has been renewed.

Another innovation is the optimized full-screen gestures of the MIUI 11. You now have an Android 10-style bottom bar. You can also quickly switch between applications using this bar. This bar plays a small ledge from the screen, but you’ll have a new feature. It is not known if this bar can be closed, but MIUI which likes to offer options for users, will add this option.


It is not yet known when new features will be released. However, I expect these features to come with the Android 10-based MIUI 11.2 update. Did you like the new MIUI update?




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