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Xiaomi has officially released the poster of Mix Alpha, a mysterious phone of this day. As we understand from the poster, this phone could be a foldable phone that we know Xiaomi had developed before, or a phone with a super curved display. According to previous leaks, this model would be called Mi Mix 4 or Mi Mix 5G. On this day, however, the name Mi Mix Alpha was confirmed.

There are some expectations for this model. New features like the 108MP camera and the fastest wireless charging are expected.

We know that it will be 5G supported compared to other posters. Another confusing detail is the 100% display / case ratio. If this claim is correct, it may have a sub-screen camera or a Pop-Up camera. Mi Mix Alpha will be introduced on September 24. At the same time, innovations such as the Mi 9 Pro 5G and MIUI 11 will be available on September 24.


Mix Alpha will not be foldable, according to a statement from Xiaomi CEO on Weibo.

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