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The interest in the Mix series is enormous and information on the phone’s features has already begun to emerge. Leaks are on the rise as the phone’s release date approaches. According to the screenshot sent to us this day, Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 features came to light. The expected Mi Mix 4 with a 108MP camera uses a 64MP camera. It also has 855 processors instead of Snapdragon 855+.

According to the photo, the 128GB model uses 10GB of RAM. Depending on the source, 256GB and 128GB will be used with 10 and 512GB with 12GB of RAM. The front camera can be embedded in the screen and pop-up camera. The Mix 4 will have an 6.39 inch Amoled screen.

Mi Mix 4 can also be available as a “Pro” or “5G”. This advanced model is equipped with a 108MP camera and Snapdragon 855+. According to other leaks, there is a 3.5mm headphone jack. And also with a fast charging battery of 3200mAh and 30W, it promises sufficient performance during the day.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 is expected to be introduced on September 24th. Are you excited for Xiaomi Mi Mix 4?

Special thanks Xiaomiui for screenshot

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