Phone Specifications

Xiaomi, which has cut Beta support for most devices, must have evaluated this team. Xiaomi, which publishes a series of interface and function optimizations each week, has made a few changes to the closed China version.

Battery usage

The Battery Usage menu, which Xiaomi has not been able to refresh for a long time, was not very functional by users. Xiaomi changed the interface with the new update and added a few features. You can examine the energy consumed by the applications as a percentage and mAh value. This way you can better explore the factors that consume your phone’s battery.

App drawer

There is no new feature here, but visual improvements have been made. As you can see from the photo, the cards now take up more space but look better visually.

Notification Panel and Recent Applications

The color of the notifications that change to a dark color when the notification expanded no longer change. In fact, this color change was extremely unnecessary and was not liked by the users. Music notification is white because this color change has been removed. In the brightness slider, the icons on the right and left have been changed.

There is not much change in recent applications. The dual application button in the upper right area has have a small innovation.





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