Phone Specifications

Xiaomi is offering its users to test the features of MIUI 11 with daily updates published. These updates may be the final updates from MIUI 10. The MIUI 11 will be introduced in September, and the users are very hopeful.

Screen Cast

Added to MIUI 10 Beta 9.8.19, this feature makes screen publishing easier. The favorite feature is that it allows broadcasting when the screen is off. There is also a shortcut in GameTurbo. You can easily casting while playing games.


There are not many changes to the security application. Title icons look like more simpler. A button has been added for the utilities.

Dark Mode Scheduling

You can set the timing for dark mode. For example, you can set the phone to go into dark mode after 19:00.

New Font = MiLanPro

Xiaomi is testing the new font called MiLanPro, which will be used on the MIUI 11. It has a softer look and is liked by users.

Always on Display

AOD information is now located at the bottom of the screen. We don’t know if this is a bug or a feature. Maybe a setting is added in the following days.

New Animations

Animations are important to give a better view to the system. iOS is doing it well and Android Q and Google made a number of improvements. Xiaomi has added lock screen shortcuts and new animations to unlock the screen.

Lock screen shortcuts animation:

Home Screen animation:

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