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You’ve probably come here to change your phone’s software or install TWRP. We all like to innovate on our phone. This is the starting guide for innovate. This guide applies to all non-Android One Xiaomi devices out of the box with MIUI. This guide is still up to date. ,

What is a bootloader?

The term bootloader is actually all computer television etc. that we are using now. valid for electronic tools. But again, of course, we will only consider the part for Android. Bootloader is a program created for the correct opening of your boot device, to put it simply. Bootloader is a program that understands when you turn on your phone or when you put it into recovery mode and directs you to the relevant part.

Why is Bootloader locked on Xiaomi devices? Why should we unlock the bootloader?

The reason why the bootloader is locked is for you to use the operating system of the company that produces the device and not to switch to a different software. It is impossible to gain root access and to install different software (ROM) on your device without unlocking your device’s bootloader. Most firms show you convenient ways to unlock your bootloader. But of course there are companies that do not want this to be opened.

How to unlock bootloader on Xiaomi devices?


NOTE: Before proceeding with the steps on the computer, you should do the operations on the phone to start the bootloader unlock time. Please take the steps on the phone before downloading the necessary files and applying the narratives below.

NOTE: When you unlock your bootloader, all data and applications on your phone are reset.

1 | Steps on the Phone:

  1. We go to “Settings > About Phone” section of our device and press MIUI version 8 times, developer options will be opened.
  2. Go to “Settings > Additional settings > Developer options” and select “MI Unlock / Status” option.
  3. A warning may appear, we approve it. We press the Add account button and make sure we see the warning “Mi account has been added successfully”. If you get errors like “Account could not be added” or “Error code -1”, login / logout your Mi account and try again.
  4. NOTE: After the account has been added, do not reset the phone, don’t log out of the Mi account.

2 | Computer Steps:

  1. After making sure that you have completed the phone steps successfully; Extract the Mi Unlock Tool directly from the archive to the C:/ directory. This will eliminate the problem of Mi Unlock Tool not seeing your device.
  2. Turn off your phone and enter the Fastboot mode by holding down the “volume down + power” keys.
  3. We open the Mi Unlock program and log in to the program with the account logged in. We plug the phone into the USB 2.0 port.
  4. You should see the text “phone connected” in the program. Confirm the warning buttons following the Unlock button below.
  5. If you have done the operations correctly and for the first time, the program will give you the message that the bootloader lock has not been opened. It usually gives a standby time of 168 hours.
  6. During this waiting period, you need to continue using the device actively. As I mentioned above, do not enter the Mi Unlock Status section again, do not reset the phone and do not sign out of the Mi account. You can unlock your bootloader by following the steps after step 2 of the specified computer steps.




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