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Instagram is taking an important step to prevent annoying comments and content from users within the platform. When the feature, which is still in the testing phase, is activated, those who share irritating content will be completely disconnected from other users.

The first of two new tools developed by Instagram will identify aggressive or disturbing comments with the help of artificial intelligence. Rethink’s artificial intelligence tool will alert users before posting comments and ask if they really want to post that comment. According to Instagram, this feature has encouraged some people to review their comments and write less heartbreaking things.

This new system, also known as Shadow Ban, will first alert users who make annoying comments under the photos and create image pollution using excessive hashtags.

Restricted users will continue to see posts from their targets as per usual, but will not be able to see if the user is online or has read their posts. Targeted users will have the power to review any comment from an offender – they can approve the content for everyone to see, delete it, or leave it pending so it’s invisible to everyone except the offender who will be none the wiser.

Instagram first presented these features in April at Facebook’s F8 developer conference. Now we see that Instagram started testing.




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