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The Keys to All Your Passwords

Passwords are a necessary evil. They are a nuisance we have to deal with every single day. Even every hour in some situations, depending on the security scrutiny we are under. Just think about it. Let that sink in. Think of a day when you did not need to enter a password. I doubt you will be able to think of a password-free day.

There is a real and constant danger lurking all over your accounts. There is a never-ending threat of losing our passwords or someone finding it out through nefarious means. It can be via social engineering, good old white, or even worse, black hacking.

As a result, you must be creative when it comes down to passwords. So, you think of a crazy long and complex string just to keep your account safe. But then again, you are running the risk of forgetting said password.

All Your Passwords
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The most famous story of a lost password

Do you remember the story of the man who owns $321 million in bitcoin but can’t access it because he lost his password? The story of Stefan Thomas, the bitcoin millionaire, is known worldwide. This software developer from San Francisco lost the password to his IronKey, the USB hard drive that contains the digital wallet that holds his millions. Can you believe that between him and $321 million stands a measly little password?

Reset all your passwords
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But forgetting passwords is just a part of the burden when dealing with them. I had to input my password up to 10 times when accessing privacy settings on certain major mobile phone brands. And this really takes its toll if you have to do it daily for your job or just for yourself or your OCDs.

Either way, passwords are becoming more and more cumbersome to manage. They require careful consideration when they are generated or hand-crafted and diligent note-keeping when kept in a drawer on paper.

How do users manage their passwords?

Well, let’s face it. People stash passwords everywhere. From random pieces of paper to the deepest corners of their computer, even in their sock drawer. This makes it incredibly difficult to manage. Every single account you create on the web has to have a secure password, and it has to be different.

That leads to forgotten passwords. As a result, you waste time resetting passwords. On average, humans spend almost four minutes trying to reset passwords each time they’ve forgotten theirs. A time that you can spend doing other, more productive things. Because of this, every person at some point learned a valuable lesson from their bad password storage habits. Keep them safe in one centralized place. So, instead of keeping track of multiple complex password strings, you only need a single one. Pair that solution with Duo Authentication; you should feel safer.

Final Words

Passwords are becoming more and more cumbersome to manage. The need for security grows steadily as advancements in hardware and software technology allow for efficient ways to crack your password. Luckily there are ways for us, the less diligent, to have our cake and eat it. There are password managers that allow us to roam the Interweb both on mobile and PC browsers freely.

A lot of companies offer reliable and headache-free password managers. A high-end solution to your everyday authentication problems. Creating and remembering one complex password that will enable you to log in to the password manager application is a lot easier. Couple that with another layer of security, such as Duo Authentication, and you will be secure.




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