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MIUI 12, which will be Xiaomi’s newest mobile software, can be released earlier than expected. There is some evidence that MIUI 12 will be released very soon. It’s been a long time since MIUI 11 was released and even the MIUI 11.1 update hasn’t been released yet. Normally, Xiaomi releases a new version of MIUI every 2-3 months. When we looked at the calendar, the 11.2 or 11.3 update had to be released. However, according to the news coming today, the 20.3.26 version of MIUI 11 will be the last released developer version. Also, some pretty good features have been added to Beta releases released so far. These features are likely to be available as MIUI 12. It should not be forgotten that according to Xiaomi’s statement, MIUI 12 will be the new version to be released as soon as possible. We have compiled some possible features for you in MIUI 12.

Possible Features of MIUI 12

  • New navigation and smooth gestures
  • Dark mode for all apps
  • System-level changes
  • Better battery performance
  • Refreshed UI
  • Animations in everywhere
  • Style Options for Recent Applications

New Animations

Better animations have been added everywhere in the new version of MIUI. The home screen, lock screen, some apps have much better animations.

Application Openings

Application openings have a much smooth and stable opening.

Recent Apps

MIUI 12 has a bottom white bar on Android 10 and iOS. With this bar, you can make fast change between applications. In addition, recent applications animation has been renewed.

MIUI 12 will have multiple options for recent applications. Many users loved the new waterfall layout.

Home Screen

An iOS-like animation welcomes us when you turn on the screen.

Lock Screen

Small animations have been added to the lock screen. Also, the features on the lock screen have been renewed.

Clock Animation

Charge Animation

When you plug your phone into the charger, the charging animation on the lock screen has been renewed.

Quick Ball

Quick ball’s animation has been refreshed, where you can quickly access some options and applications.

Screenshot Animation

Privacy Enhancements

MIUI 12 has a number of new features that enable us to protect our privacy.

Alert Notifications

If an app is using your camera, location, and microphone in the background, a bubble will appear in the notification bar to alert you.


Application History

With MIUI 12, you can now keep track of what application is doing in the background


Lite Mode

With Lite Mode, applications become much bigger and accessible on the home screen. It is also changing for a more comfortable look in search and other areas. In fact, this feature used to exist, but was removed in new MIUI versions. This feature, which appeals to the elderly, comes back with MIUI 12.

Screen Time Management

Features were added to help us limit the time we spend on the phone with Android 9. With MIUI 12, we will have some advanced features to limit our display time. We can view which app we use how many hours daily and weekly, and add time restrictions to apps on weekdays and weekends. Also, a feature called Focus Mode lets you stay away from the phone for 20 to 90 minutes. When activated, you can only access the emergency call and the camera.




Game Turbo

GameTurbo, MIUI’s application that allows you to optimize games and get better experience, will come with many innovations. We just added the most interesting of them. The New GameTurbo will feature a voice changer. In games, you can turn your voice into male, female, robot, and a few other sounds when you speak. This can be a feature that increases privacy and entertainment.

New Camera UI

The camera application, one of the most curious areas, had not changed for many years. Xiaomi listened to the feedback and renewed the camera application. The interface now has a more mininal design without revolutionary innovations. In addition, zooming animation has become much softer.

Notification Panel / Notifications

There is no information yet leak about the new interface of the notification panel. However, new features will be added here. The feature where you can distinguish unnecessary notifications and chats is already coming with Android 11. It is quite possible that we will see these features in MIUI 12.

Music Notification

With MIUI 12, we will finally get the colorful music notification that has been available since Android 8.


Unnecessary Notifications

Multiple notifications from an app can mess you up. With MIUI 12, notifications of some applications can be gathered into a single area.



With the feature that came with MIUI 11, we could change the sky from the gallery. New ones are added to these filters. We will also be able to record rain and snowfall as video.

Video Editing

Video editing operations have been improved from the Gallery application. There is also the option to lower the quality of the video.


If you’re using an extra application for your sleep pattern, you don’t need it anymore! With the MIUI 12 update you can check your sleep time. You can now set the time to sleep and wake up from the clock app. In addition, the application keeps track of how many hours you sleep per day.


There is no revolutionary change in the interface of the settings. Only the title position in the settings has been changed. Offering a slightly more comfortable experience for one-hand use.




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