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At the F8 conference in April 2019, Facebook was talking about a new camera for Instagram. And these days, the new interface is deployed in the application. The new camera for Instagram stories is now available to some users in Europe. But the new interface will be available soon for everyone. There is nothing revolutionary, but we appreciate the modernized interface.

In the new interface, the camera is grouped under 3 headings. Live, camera and create. As the name suggests, the Live tab allows you to broadcast live video on Instagram. The second tab (default) is the camera. A well thought-out wheel at the bottom of the screen provides access to various features. The third tab, called Create, allows you to design stories. A gradient background is displayed. The button at the top of the screen or the shortcuts at the bottom provide access to Questions, Polls and Countdown.

The capture button can be slid for filters and options. Boomerang and such features as the right side, filters are placed on the left. I can say that I found the new interface more useful.




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