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The latest version of the MIUI 11 Beta was released today. It’s a traditional thing that happens every year. So we can say that MIUI 12 has begun preparations. It’s not been a long time since MIUI 11 was released, but this is not an obstacle. Because it was said to be the fastest MIUI release for MIUI 12. Because Xiaomi was said to be the fastest developed MIUI version. It is not yet known when MIUI 12 Alpha (closed test) versions will be released. According to estimates, it will be published no later than June.

Top MIUI 12 Features


The most notable feature of MIUI 12 will be new animations. Soft transition animations have been added to almost every part of the system. While this may seem a bit like iOS, users will love it.

Dark Mode for All Apps

Dark mode feature on Android phones is now indispensable for some users. But there is a problem, not every application supports dark mode. Yes, this is very frustrating. Applications that do not support dark mode will be forcibly darkened with MIUI 12. This feature can really be our favorite. There is also wallpaper optimization in new dark mode.

Privacy Enhancements

With MIUI 12, you can instantly see applications accessing your location, camera and guide in the background. It also has a privacy history feature. With its privacy history, you can see which information the app accessed at which time.

Focus Mode

I think that’s my favorite trait. Our phone sometimes distracts us too much. With this feature, we can necessarily maintain our focus. Focus Mode gives you 20 to 90 minutes to stay away from your phone. When activated, you can only access the emergency call and the camera. Because you cannot turn this mode off, you cannot use any of your applications during the time you activate it. So, you cannot distract your attention with applications such as Instagram, TikTok. It will be easier for you to do your job.

New Camera Interface

The interface of the MIUI Camera, which has not changed for a long time, has a lot of features and is confused. Xiaomi will save you from this complexity by changing the interface of the camera app. We don’t have a screenshot yet about the much more functional interface.

If you want to check out more MIUI 12 features, click here. There is no information yet on when the new version will be released.




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