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How to Watch Good Quality Videos on Public Data


Lately, there are many movie streaming services to choose from. HBO, Amazon Prime, and others are filling the already competitive market with their best services. But, if we’re talking about streaming services, you can’t really forget the name of Netflix.
Every day, people around the world enjoy their favourite shows on Netflix. Netflix itself provides a variety of film genres ranging from action, comedy, horror, children’s content or even local films that you can enjoy anytime and anywhere.
However, are you really getting the best experience from Netflix? Suppose you want to make sure you are comfortable with Netflix or any particular streaming services you’re into. In that case, we’ll share cool tips and tricks to make your viewing experience even more optimal, especially when using public data. Since public data always have the risk to be penetrated by hackers or scammers, there are vital things you need to know.
Without further ado, here are the first tips to watch quality videos using public data:

1. Use Mobile Security Tool

The need for a mobile security tool is rising when you’re using a public data. So, before connecting your device to it, make sure that your device already has a decent security software installed. Android users are often facing with these security problems, while iOS users are rarely getting them. As long as your have enough protection, you’ll be safe no matter device you’re using.
When using a public data, there’s always a risk that your data is exposed to others. It may be unintentional, or intentional. The penetrating worm could affect the whole network without a single individual realizing it. It can be also sent by the hackers intentionally to steal everyone’s data connected to the network. The hacker could be anybody, even somebody close to us.
That’s why you need mobile security apps to help you mitigate the existing risks by engaging in a more protective protocol. They can scan, defend, or even remove the remaining malware left on your device. While most malware are targeting computers, the same thing also happens to mobile devices.

2. Make sure your operating system is updated.

Operating system updates don’t just bring new features to your Android or iPhone. Updates seek to strengthen the operating system further, fix vulnerabilities, and prevent hackers from stealing your data.
Therefore, you should always install updates to your operating system. Whenever a new iOS update arrives, download and install it to your iPhone. When Google issues an update, install it on your Android device.
Worried about storage limits? Backup or important sync data to the cloud, then make space by deleting some apps so that updates can be downloaded and installed smoothly.
And these tips aren’t just to keep you safe on public data connection; and they’re for everything. Remember, always keep your mobile operating system up to date!

3. Use a VPN (Virtual Private Network)

The common and easiest way to be safe using the Internet in public places is by using a VPN. It is highly recommended to use a VPN when using the internet, especially when you access the internet using free WIFI networks in public places.
By using a VPN when accessing the internet, your sensitive data and privacy will be safe. But remember, no system is perfect, and neither is the security system a VPN offers. So you still have to be careful at all times.
VPN is also useful if you happen to encounter geo-restriction. Despite its annoyance, this limitation is common nowadays, with more regions starting to block content from outside. VPN service may help you to cross this obstacle easily, with just a simple click of a button. By having a VPN, use Netflix from anywhere by changing access location straightforwardly.

4. Don’t bother using a slow public data

Are you experiencing a slow connection after connecting your device to public data? Or is it so hard to even establish a connection to the login page? Be careful – or better yet, disconnect it as fast as you can.
The slow speed may be due to the router being hacked. Another reason is that you might be connected to something other than the actual router. It could be a platform or device that’s able to mask itself as a router. That’s why you get a slower connection since it’s not the actual condition.
This issue often traps unfortunate individuals to give in their private information without them realizing about it. Hackers, on the other hand, will play wait-and-see game. Once the individual is connected to their tools, they will get all the information they wanted. This information could be unlimited, from browser history to credit card information. While all things may possible.
So, be sure to double-check the internet connection. Make sure the router you want to connect is the real one.

5. Use two-factor authentication whenever possible

Two-Factor Authentication has become very important these days. This is how you can be sure that you communicate with the proper online service. Similarly, the online service can be sure that you are really trying to log in.
The Two-Factor Authentication is a piece of information that is generally easy to obtain. It will arrive in multiple forms, whether it’s a code sent to your devices through messages, or a call. No matter what it is, all you need to do is to enter the correct code to gain an access.

6. Turn off public data connection when you’re finished

Though it’s very easy, most people tend to forget about it. By turning the public data off, you can actually be safe from outside access or attacks. The connection will be cut off, so there will be no bridge to connect you to the hackers. After you’re done streaming your favorite shows, simply turn off the data connection.
With it disabled, any attempt to penetrate your device will be nothing but a failure. Hackers could find no other way if you’re not connected to internet at all. It’s one of the most effective methods to protect your device when using public data.




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