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5 Technologies Every Remote Team Requires

Businesses of all sizes and industries are actively undergoing the digital revolution. Unsurprisingly, the workplace has changed significantly over the past two years, especially considering how quickly a pandemic drove the need for digitization.

The days of having productive meetings while lounging on plush couches and chit-chatting at the coffee shop have long passed. Now, most of us may easily transition from our beds into our home offices. While some workers return to their physical offices full-time, many favor a hybrid strategy.

1. Team Communication With Slack

Workflow and communication are organized into an easily accessible chat on the Slack chat platform for internal collaborators. It may be accessed from any device, including a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, enabling file sharing and debate.

Slack allows for the organization of fully remote work by project, team, or both. The option of screen sharing is available in addition to document exchange.

These capabilities streamline remote team communication and interaction, giving the impression that everyone is seated next to one another. Additionally, Slack provides connections to GitHub, BitBucket, and other internet services. It is regarded as one of the top tools for remote teams at work.

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2. PDF Tool

PDF Tool

For remote PDF editing, soda pdf is a well-liked cloud-based PDF tool. This powerful PDF editor enables remote workers to read, edit, annotate, comment, sign, and share pdf files through a mobile app or a browser plugin.

You can open a document in PDF when Google Drive has trouble opening a PDF file by performing a right-click. The fact that Google has acknowledged this PDF editor highlights the great level of trust in it.

Any document edited in the Soda PDF tool is kept safe by enabling the auto-saving option and real-time sync with the significant cloud backup providers.

3. Answering Customer Requests With Freshdesk

To manage customer support concerns, use Freshdesk, a plug-and-play software program.
The following are some of its main characteristics:

• Customer support tickets from various channels are integrated into a dashboard.
• Concurrent usage of many client contact channels, including email, social media, phone, and messengers
• Depending on the workload, automatic ticket assignments can be made between team members for more productivity and a better response rate.
• Automating some of the answers to frequently requested queries using AI and ML modules
• The performance of help agents and client experience are both analyzed using advanced analytics

4. Video Conferences With Zoom

Team Collaboration using Zoom

Zoom has undergone significant change since Covid-19. Just 10 million people attended daily meetings as of December 2019. This figure will have increased 20 times by March 2024.

One of the top team collaboration tools for holding video conferences with instant messaging and file sharing is known as Zoom. Participants can simultaneously share their screens and co-annotate to maximize interaction during meetings.

The application is also famous for its higher level of security since all meetings are password-protected and encrypted with role-based user security.

5. Google Drive for Folder Organization

Google Drive is a good alternative for a corporate server that allows for remote teamwork on multiple projects. Furthermore, users can set up folders for the documents (e.g., by function, such as legal, HR, finance, marketing, sales, or product development) and assign specific access privileges.

In short, it allows for group file editing of written documents, data spreadsheets, and presentations by bringing the main Microsoft Office tools to the cloud service. There are also certain restrictions. For instance, a pdf editor is necessary to edit a pdf file.






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