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If you have an animal and it is time for your friend to “go”, the words may sometimes be insufficient to describe the sadness. A person named Huang Yu, who lives in China, was very upset when the “British Shorthair” breed cat died of urinary tract infection.

Yu decided to clone his cat, which he called “Garlic.” His idea was supported by the Beijing-based Sinogene Biotechnology Company. The company, which started trials in August 2018 and bought a cat cell for the clone of Garlic, placed the produced embryo in a carrier mother. After 66 days of pregnancy, China’s first cloned cat was born on July 21. The company’s successful move will attract the attention of animal lovers in the country, which Sinogene has even started making appointments for animal clones.


Garlic is thought to have the life span of a normal cat. The only thing the cloned cat has in common with Garlic is its appearance. The cat’s state and attitude are completely different from the first Garlic.

Next step, copying memories

The company developing human-machine interface technologies and artificial intelligence programs to store the memories of source animals and transfer them into cloned animals. The company is demanding about 36 thousand dollars for the cat clone and 54 thousand dollars for the dog clone as part of its activities that it will start soon.




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