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The Chinese Academy of Sciences has developed a portable sonic gun to quell riots. The Academy made a statement on its website about the sonic weapon. A joint study with the military and law enforcement officials resulted in the development of a rifle-shaped weapon that uses low-frequency sound waves, the statement said.

Sonic weapons developed according to scientists, low-frequency sound waves with people’s eardrum, eye region, stomach, liver and brain will cause excessive discomfort.

The weapons to be revealed using the low sound energy frequency have so far been very large in type and can be mounted on vehicles. These guns mounted on vehicles had to constantly be electrified through their coils to produce a low sound frequency. This required a large and stable power supply.

The working principle of the sonic weapon that China started in 2007 is different from the classical sonic weapons. Professor Xie Xiujuan, a leading scientist of the project, said the device was working with a tube containing an inert gas. The gas particles in the tube vibrate with the effect of heat and emit a deep, monotonous sound.

The Chinese Academy of Science announced that the prototype of the sonic weapon has successfully passed field and third-party testing, and its impact on the human body has been evaluated.

No photos of the weapon have been released, except for an image of a rifle on the table at a meeting of the Chinese Academy of Science. Xie Xiujuan, who made a statement about the weapon, refused to provide details such as the frequency and effective range used by the weapon. There is no report that Chinese troops or police may have used this weapon.





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