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Scientists have developed a type of fabric with the help of keratin. This fabric ensures that this shape is maintained after being shaped. Experts believe that this type of fabric will offer advantages in many areas.

Scientists who continue their studies at Harvard University have signed a very interesting project. This project of scientists involves a fabric that resembles wool in appearance and returns to its original state by itself.

The material developed by scientists has a shape memory, in the simplest terms. So this material does not forget what form it is. In this way, it takes its first form after a while. So how is this possible?

In the post made on the official website of Harvard University, it is stated that this fabric was actually created by inspiring from “hair”. Scientists, who say that no matter what way the hair is straightened, when it gets wet, it returns to its original state, and this is how they produced the fabric in question.

Experts have developed the fabric, which is restored or can be shaped as desired, with the help of “keratin”, one of the most basic ingredients in hair. Scientists who evaluate the keratin they obtained from recycled wool say that they can take important steps in the fashion and clothing industry with this type of fabric.

Luca Cera, one of the names involved in the research, says that with the fabric they discovered, important innovations in areas such as textile and tissue engineering can be experienced. Another Researcher, Kit Parker, says they have seen what they can make for the first time from recycled wool with the fabric discovered.

With the fabric they discovered, the researchers are considering reducing the clothes to one size and designing clothes that will fit everyone. However, the fabric has some deficiencies for now, and scientists continue to work to eliminate these deficiencies.





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