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The world’s smallest reptile was discovered in the northern regions of Madagascar. It has not been understood why the creatures named as “Brookesia nana” by scientists are so small. The size of one of the living creatures discovered is only 13.5 millimeters.

Two nano chameleons were discovered during the discovery. One of them was female and the other was male. So they were living as a couple. Scientists, who think that living things are offspring, have studied animals. Experts, who found that the female had eggs and that the male’s reproductive organ had developed, reached the conclusion that these creatures were adults, not juveniles.

Scientists found that the male of the chameleons they discovered was small at a record level. Investigations revealed that the male nano Chameleon was 22 millimeters long, including the tail. Except for the tail, the length of this creature was only 13.5 millimeters. The length of the female Chameleon was 19 millimeters, excluding the tail, and 29 millimeters, including the tail. Experts who have discovered that the largest organ in the body of these creatures belongs to the reproductive systems, the ratio of genital organs to the body is 20 percent, and the situation is interesting.

According to the statements made by the research team, animals that try to live in a small area can tend to shrink their bodies in order to adapt to the environment. However, the scientists who stated that the area where chameleons of these sizes live is not limited, think that the cause of this situation may not be determined. The head of the study, Jörn Köhler, says that Brookesia karchei, the closest relative of nano chameleons, also lives on the same island, and that these chameleons are about twice the size of nano chameleons.




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