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Geneticist George Church at Harvard University listed genetic mutations and changes that could give people a long life and features like superheroes. The list prepared by the professor contains the positive and negative characteristics of the changes to be made in each gene.

For example, a special mutation in the LRP5 gene will give you strong bones, but will cause you to sink more quickly in water. Other features on the list include interesting things like radiation resistance and keeping your breath underwater for a long time. The list actually makes us learn about what features we can have when gene editing technologies are more common and safer.

Church says some changes in the published list could lead to serious health problems. For example, stopping the PCSK9 gene reduces the risk of coronary disease, but increases the likelihood of developing diabetes and cognitive disorders. Or if we change the HBB gene, we gain resistance to malaria, but we may have exercise rhabdomyolysis.

Most people are concerned about this. What do you think ?




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